Quality Policy has helped establish consistency in output with reduction in rework. Document management entails structured reviews, version control and adherence to documentation standards. Application standards are strictly adhered to for product and documentation standards.

Quality control during production encompasses inward goods inspection (bare boards, components, mechanical items, bought out items and adherence to checklists.  In-process inspection relates to board assembly and soldering inspection and wiring inspection as per the EID. Final acceptance test covers boards and systems, adherence to guidelines and checklists and record maintenance

Indus Teqsite focuses on continual improvement involving quality objectives, data collection, analysis of data, identification of the root cause of the problem, evolving corrective and preventive action, and updating procedures, check lists and guidelines based on the corrective and preventive actions.

Customer product support dept incorporates core team of engineers.  The activity includes online customer support/tracking service, complaint docking through email, fax, telephone, AMC procedures, etc.